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This project was a collaboration with the artist Laura Pöld.

Raight: The right (irish) to; be, see, flee, feel, stand, end, blend, defend, lend.
Eight: fiftynine million three hundred four thousand nine hundred twentythree meanings;– or maybe just your lucky number.
Arrayed: an arrangement with the plastic and the metal; – fighting each other, but in theend, they come together.
Strayed: from straight.
Unpaid: work of the artist; – an exhibition equals one line in the CV.
Retched: state that might be if you‘d bring the plastic to your warm and cozy room to leave it there for quite some time.
Edged: on the cold steel.
Catch: before it breaks; – consider that failure is sometimes a catch.

Matched: 1.6g AgarAgar, stretched with 40ml Water, 2 – 5ml Glycerine; (optional) 5g Clay.
Ratchet: the material is the boss.

Superdelegate: don‘t know what we thought with this word.
Misinterpret: the rule is to cross st from the beginning.
Itches: from the britches.
Glitches: first glitchy, then rocky.
Fridges: giant fridges for keeping it alive dead.
Riches: needed; – contact for sponsoring.
Pitches: pitch the word, letter, serifs, pitch it now!
Switches: from stitches; – nothing is right, nothing is correct.
Bridges: I hate that Nibelungenbrücke in winter. It‘s so fucking cold.
Off: should I bring chocolate?


“hot, stiff, clear, soft, ripped, cold blotchy bodies”, Agar-Agar, Gelatine, Pigmente, Ton, Stahl, verschiedene Größen